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Torn between a solicitor or going-it-alone on property auction legals? There’s another way. Aucspace Legal Pack Summaries, by expert property lawyers, are simple, concise and online.

Stop stressing, start bidding.

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We do all the work so you don't have to

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Order your Summary online

Order here, in a few seconds, for £149 (+VAT) - a fraction of a solicitor cost. Immediately, our legal team is on it. (They know the moment any legal pack is made available.)

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Get it fast

Quickly, your digital Legal Pack Summary is ready. Hundreds of pages condensed into summary points and need-to-know actions. Produced and vetted by expert property lawyers.

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You are always updated

Legal packs can change in the run up to an auction. Don’t worry - we follow each change, act immediately and alert you to the new summaries and actions. Nothing you need to do.

Getting you
auction-ready in a whole new way

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Our Legal Pack Summary is radically simplified

This means you can actually read and understand it in a few minutes.

We bundle the entire set of sections (from Special Conditions to Searches) into 1 concise pack. You get the Summary points and also key Action Alerts which flags all the need-to-know issues.

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No endless rounds of paperwork, phone calls, or legal resource hiring.

With Aucspace, you buy a Legal Pack Summary online in seconds.

And our free Updates service means you get notifications if the Legal Pack has changed, including new summaries and actions, right up to auction day.

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£149 (+VAT)

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More cost-effective than a solicitor but giving you all the certainty you need.

You’re at property auctions to make good decisions and rightly question legal fees knowing you may not win the bid. But the potential disaster of going in unarmed is high.

What if there was another way? At £149 (+VAT), we’ve got the perfect alternative.

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Really thorough with all the right info!

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