Want some clarity when researching auction properties?

Let Aucspace provide you with a clear and concise summary of all the legal documents for each property - at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor

Stop stressing, start bidding.

Legal pack summaries, at the CLICK of a button, produced by property lawyers, for all properties being sold at auction

A solicitor will charge
you upwards of £300.


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Why Aucspace?

  • We will save you time. With Instantly available downloads of legal pack summaries

  • We will save you money. Up to 75% cheaper than most legal firms

  • All our Summaries are created by our specialised in-house fully qualified property lawyers

  • We have extensive experience in the UK property auction market: buying, selling and advising. We know what you need, what you want and we deliver it in a clear and concise format

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How does
Aucspace work?

1. We monitor auctions

We follow an ever increasing number of auctioneers and monitor each of their auctions, keeping up to date with the legal packs and their amendments. Once a legal pack is available, we pass it on to our legal team to summarise for you. Legal packs can change in the run up to an auction, and if that happens, we let you know.

2. We summarise

Our in-house legal team take every legal pack and create an instantly available summary of all the key information provided by the vendor's solicitor. Each summary is reviewed before ‘going live’ in order to maintain and guarantee quality. Download a Summary 

3. You download them

Once our legal pack summaries are created, we make them available here. They are instantly downloadable, and provided at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor's report. This provides you with 'buyer-ready' information to help you make an informed decision without unnecessary delay and cost.