Property auctions can be complicated and intimidating, but we like to think we’re here to help make the decision to bid and buy less daunting, and to help you become more informed about the properties you are interested in.

However, there are always going to be questions, and these are some of the most common ones.
Most popular questions
We are the first company in the UK offering consumers the opportunity to purchase Legal Risks & Cost Reports at a price well below that of conventional law firms. We have revolutionised the way these packs are summarised, making them clearer, more concise, and, where possible, instantly available.
Aucspace reviews legal pack documentation associated with properties offered at UK property auctions. Where possible, we do this ahead of time, allowing you, the consumer to get an instant summary of the documentation provided, as well as updates where necessary. With our in-house team of certified property lawyers, we are able to condense all information into a formatted summary that is easy to understand, providing, where appropriate, suggestions for simple steps you should take to address obvious issues.
There are enormous risks in purchasing at an auction without knowing enough about the legal status of the property. In order to mitigate this, all bidders are advised to read and understand the documentation provided. For many, this understanding is hampered by a lack of legal knowledge and/or time: it takes experience to fully understand the nuances of legal documents, and the associated risks and potential implications of missing a detail are high. Approaching a solicitor to undertake a review of this documentation involves delay and cost.

At Aucspace we make the process easy and cost-effective, providing well structured summaries of all the information available at a fraction of the price of traditional law firms, instantly (subject to the availability of the documentation).
As an organisation, with a team drawn from the technology and property world, we identified an early issue in the process of purchasing at auction, that being the costs and time lag associated with reviewing legal documents.

Most solicitors working in property law and conveyancing will willingly undertake this work, but it will never be instantly available and will invariably be provided at a significant sum. Our purpose is to provide a Legal Risks & Cost Report for a substantially lower price than a traditional legal firm, and to provide it considerably faster.

We believe that it is essential for bidders to take all measures necessary to protect themselves, and to do this through acquiring a good understanding and clarity around any property they are planning to bid on. Auctioneers agree with us and make a detailed point at the beginning of every auction recommending buyers to read and understand the legal packs. There is an ever-increasing need to meticulously check legal information. Aucspace offer a hassle free solution to confusing legal documents and bring every important point to light in a quick, cost-effective and simple to understand manner.
Put simply, Aucspace focuses solely on providing Legal Risks & Cost Reports and, where appropriate, suggested actions to take rather than legal advice. We bring a commercial perspective to the process, with attention paid to what buyers need and want to know prior to bidding at an auction. Whilst every summary we provide is authored by highly experienced property lawyers, our aim is to make every summary as simple to read as possible, so even a very first-time buyer will find it easy to understand.
If you are considering buying property at auction, let Aucspace take some of the early pressure away. We will provide you with a clear and concise summary of all the legal documents as would a traditional law firm, but cheaper and faster. We create summaries taken from the legal documentation prepared by sellers lawyers, in the same way that a traditional law firm would apply the highest quality standards (all summaries are subject to review prior to release) But we make it easier, cheaper and faster. It makes sense to use Aucspace.
A Legal Risks & Cost Report is £97 (+VAT). This includes all changes and updates to legal packs up until the day of auction, and the ability to download a PDF or view the summary at Aucspace.com. In comparison, a majority of law firms will charge in excess of £300 + VAT per Legal Risks & Cost Report. At such affordable prices, 75% cheaper than that of a conventional law firm, offering the same information in a clear and understandable format, this is now affordable for anyone.
Aucspace work with an ever-increasing number of Auction houses. At present, there are in excess of 300 ‘active’ auctioneers in the UK (excluding Scotland, ROI and Northern Ireland). We aim to cover all of them. Keep watching as we keep expanding our coverage.
Aucspace review the legal pack information supplied by the sellers lawyers which are sent to the retained auction house and uploaded to their own platforms for all public use.