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Wellington House, Lower Icknield Way, Longwick - HP27 9RZ

Guide Price: £40,000

Beds: No data
Type: No data
Tenure: No data

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Property Details

Phillip Arnold Auctions describes this property as:

This detached dwelling consists of a development of four self contained flats within a corner sited building, with ample parking to the rear. The property has been subject to a planning application under reference number 19/05608/FUL for the construction of replacement raised roof with insertion of 2 x front and 3 x rear dormer windows to form a one bed apartment. This application has been refused and is currently subject to an appeal. Full details are available in the legal pack. The property is situated in a picturesque location close to Princes Rosborough surrounded by a great deal of green land. The four flats produce a ground rent income of £250 each, thus £1000 per annum in total. ...

Auction Details

Phillip Arnold Auctions
Auction date:
12:00 - 17 Jul 2020
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