Land Adjacent Sandy Lane, Cholsey, Wallingford, Oxfordshire - OX10 9PY

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Beds: 2
Tenure: No data

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Property Details

Clive Emson Online Auction describes this property as:

This vacant parcel of land is situated near the corner of Sandy Lane and Station Road, adjacent to number 1 Sandy Lane. Cholsey is a village and civil parish 16 miles south from Oxford and the nearest main road link is junction 13 of. the M4. The proposal is for a brand new two-bedroom detached house, the design being in keeping with the continuation of other dwellings in the road. Planning. Planning Permission has been granted by South Oxfordshire District Council under ref: P18/S3548/FUL, dated 17th January 2019, for proposed new detached dwelling, subject to conditions. A copy of the Planning Consent and proposed plans will be available to download from the Clive Emson website. Proposed Accommodation. Ground Floor. Living/dining area, kitchen and W.C. First Floor. Two bedrooms and family bathroom with W.C. Outside. Parking for two vehicles and landscaped gardens. Local Planning Authority. South Oxfordshire District Council. Tel: 01235 422422. Website: Site Measurements. The site extends to approximately 0.01 hectares (0.03 acres). ...

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Clive Emson Online Auction
Auction date:
11:00 - 10 Feb 2021
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The following data is based on a 2 bedroom DETACHED. This data is derived and aggregated from public sources and to be used as a guide not an authority. Please let us know if you spot any anomalies.

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Average price per sq/ft:

Date Price Address Distance (miles)
16 Oct 2020 £340,000 2, Tyburn Glen, OX11 7UH 4.32
02 Oct 2020 £480,000 Conifers, Stream Road, Upton, OX11 9JG 4.40
11 Sep 2020 £380,000 40, Bridle Path, Woodcote, RG8 0SE 4.67
04 Sep 2020 £370,000 The Old School Rooms, The Street, North Stoke, OX10 6BL 1.58
31 Jul 2020 £915,000 9, Bridge End, Dorchester On Thames, OX10 7JR 4.75
28 Jul 2020 £274,000 2a, Ernest Road, OX11 8QH 4.60
17 Jun 2020 £1,305,000 Little Holme, Eastfield Lane, Whitchurch On Thames, RG8 7EJ 6.56
30 Apr 2020 £295,000 20, Howbery Farm, Crowmarsh Gifford, OX10 8NR 2.71
28 Feb 2020 £292,500 52, Edinburgh Drive, OX11 7HT 4.41
10 Jan 2020 £522,500 1, Limetrees, Chilton, OX11 0HW 5.83
19 Dec 2019 £345,000 45, Newnham Green, Crowmarsh Gifford, OX10 8EP 2.60
19 Dec 2019 £600,000 2, Rose Tree Cottages, Stoke Row, RG9 5PN 6.47
03 Dec 2019 £435,000 25, Crafts End, Chilton, OX11 0SA 5.80
27 Nov 2019 £410,000 3, Tweed Drive, OX11 7XH 4.90
31 Oct 2019 £331,000 5, Humber Close, OX11 7RU 4.09
29 Oct 2019 £320,000 Little Sark, Fieldside, Long Wittenham, OX14 4QB 5.17
25 Oct 2019 £280,000 1, Clements Green, South Moreton, OX11 9AE 2.02
20 Sep 2019 £325,000 15, Katchside, Sutton Courtenay, OX14 4BH 6.71
23 Aug 2019 £475,000 Bridge End Cottage, High Street, Clifton Hampden, OX14 3EQ 6.16
01 Aug 2019 £325,000 Ambleside, Didcot Road, Harwell, OX11 6DL 5.25

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