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Land At 47 Foxbury Road, St Leonards, Ringwood, Hampshire - BH24 2SG

Guide Price: £120,000 – £140,000

Beds: No data
Type: No data
Tenure: No data

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Property Details

Clive Emson Online Auction describes this property as:

Occupied by a small private dwelling house until the 1970s, when the house was abandoned and has since lain dormant, this 0.77 hectare (1.9 acre) L-shaped parcel of land is, at present, vacant. The site may have scope for alternative uses, subject to all necessary consents being obtainable. Local Planning Authority. East Dorset District Council. Tel 01202 886201. Website: Viewing. Interested applicants may view directly on site. ...

Auction Details

Clive Emson Online Auction
Auction date:
12:00 - 29 Jul 2020
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