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Plots 1 & 2, Land To The South West Of Ardychline, St Catherines, Argyll And Bute - PA25 8AZ

Guide Price: Unsold

Beds: No data
Type: Detached
Tenure: Freehold

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Property Details

Auction House Cumbria describes this property as:

Plot of land, Ardychline, St Catherines, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, PA25 8AZPlot 1 and 2 known as and referred to as Site 1 and site 2 Land South West of Archyline, St. Catherines, Argyll and Bute. Plot 1 has principal consent (ref 20/00480/PPP for a dwelling house and plot 2 has lapsed planning (ref 16/03146/PPP) for a dwelling house. These plots have a combined size of 71 ac or split as Plot 1 0.37 ac and plot 2 0.34 ac. Can be sold separately if desired. There is also current detailed planning in principle for plot 2 (ref 19/00891/PPP) but using this would reduce the size of plot 1 to 0.16 ac and effect the detailed principle planning already in place for plot 1. Please see Argyll & Bute Planning portal for full details of all applications. The plots have a paradisal setting with a truly enviable elevated position which boasts uninterrupted views over Loch Fyne. The plots are situated in the attractive village of St Catherine’s, facing west over Loch Fyne to the picturesque town of Inveraray and its surrounding hills and glens. There is Scottish National Heritage woodland behind the plots which is deemed a site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSI). This woodland also features a waterfall. ...

Auction Details

Auction House Cumbria
Auction date:
- 15 Jul 2021

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