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125 Queenstown Road, London - SW8 3RH

Guide Price: £245,000

Beds: 0
Type: Commercial
Tenure: No data

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Property Details

Savills describes this property as:

An attractive mid terrace property forming part of busy and established retail parade boasting a range of independent retailers. The shop and upper flat can be accessed from the front of the property (separate entrances)The commercial premise has been let out on a new 5 year lease to Decara Home Ltd which offers furniture and house hold accessories, provides a home interiors and design service and was established in 2013. The current tenant has been in occupation since 2014The residential flat has been sold off on a long lease (99 year unexpired). Investment Let at £19,300 PALet on a a new 5 year lease. Use class E - This offers the purchaser to allow multiple business uses to trade from the Units. ...

Auction Details

Auction date:
09:30 - 04 Aug 2021
Remote bidding only

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Local Market Data

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We have no current sold data to provide comparisons for this lot.

The following data is based on a 0 bedroom Commercial. This data is derived and aggregated from public sources and to be used as a guide not an authority. Please let us know if you spot any anomalies.

Average weekly rental: £278

Average yield: 2.2%

Weekly Rent Bedrooms Property Type distance (miles)
£207 flat 0.28
£115 flat 0.51
£276 flat 0.59
£231 flat 0.67
£288 flat 0.71
£338 flat 0.74
£260 flat 0.74
£225 flat 0.76
£315 flat 0.77
£249 flat 0.78
£184 flat 0.79
£300 flat 0.80
£242 flat 0.81
£425 flat 0.83
£405 flat 0.83
£475 flat 0.83
£345 flat 0.83
£237 flat 0.83
£325 flat 0.88
£285 flat 0.89