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The Bungalow, 3 Sutton Lane, (entrance opposite Grasholm Way) Langley, Slough - SL3 8AR

Guide Price: £380,000

Beds: 2
Type: Detached
Tenure: Freehold

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Property Details

Savills describes this property as:

A detached bungalow forming part of a unique square shaped secluded plot surrounded by open fields. The interior which has double glazing requires modernisation giving a buyer the opportunity to carry out improvements to their own style and specification. There may be extension or re development potential subject to the requisite consents. There are attractive surrounding gardens and a gated vehicular access drive to a side parking area.. Rarely available a detached bungalow requiring modernisation. Extension or re development potential. Forms part of a unique secluded plot of approximately 0.24 acres surrounded by open fields. Shopping amenities and station easily accessible. M4 and M25 provide good nearby road links. ...

Auction Details

Auction date:
09:30 - 04 Aug 2021
Remote bidding only

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Local Market Data

See Local Market Data

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We have no current sold data to provide comparisons for this lot.

The following data is based on a Freehold 2 bedroom Detached. This data is derived and aggregated from public sources and to be used as a guide not an authority. Please let us know if you spot any anomalies.

Average weekly rental: £373

Average yield: 4.5%

Weekly Rent Bedrooms Property Type distance (miles)
£329 2 detached_house 2.84
£346 2 detached_house 3.70
£300 2 detached_house 4.43
£299 2 detached_house 4.62
£493 2 detached_house 5.35
£288 2 detached_house 6.00
£277 2 detached_house 7.77
£381 2 detached_house 7.80
£427 2 detached_house 8.30
£392 2 detached_house 8.51
£381 2 detached_house 8.85
£420 2 detached_house 8.96
£335 2 detached_house 9.69
£415 2 detached_house 9.85
£277 2 detached_house 10.68
£346 2 detached_house 11.41
£415 2 detached_house 11.53
£427 2 detached_house 11.66
£519 2 detached_house 12.38
£392 2 detached_house 12.82