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76 Old Exeter Road, Tavistock - PL19 0JD

Guide Price: Postponed

Beds: 4
Type: Flat
Tenure: Freehold

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Property Details

Sutton Kersh describes this property as:

This property has been postponed. A sizeable four storey semi detached freehold property with rear gardens and front car parking area, offering four spaces which have previously been let on an adhoc basis at £5 per space, per week. The property is set in close proximity to Tavistock town centre, with three apartments currently let and generating an income of £17,141pae, with the potential income of circa £28,661 when fully let. The property currently comprises of two x one bedroom flats and three x studio apartments, all currently self contained but with three of the flats previously offering linked accommodation and HMO licensed. A 12 panel solar installation was purchased by the present proprietors and fitted in 2012, giving a return rate of 43% for 25 years and generating a further income of circa £1,500 pae. This versatile property would lend itself to a variety of uses including multi generation occupancy, a home with additional income, or perhaps for reconfiguration of the existing accommodation, subject to any requisite consents, upon which interested parties must make and rely upon their own planning enquiries of West Devon Borough Council. ...

Auction Details

Sutton Kersh
Auction date:
- 28 Oct 2021

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