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Land and Stables to the South of Court Lane, Silver Street, Stevington, Bedfordshire - MK43 7QN

Guide Price: £140,000+

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Property Details

Auction House Robinson & Hall describes this property as:

Set on the edge of the popular village of Stevington this well maintained equestrian property measures approximately seven acres and is approached via a shared access from the road leading to a gated entrance and parking area. There is a substantial portal frame barn which has internal stabling that includes six stalls plus a tack room and an open fronted hay store. To the side is a static caravan providing day use and there is an electrical supply to the property. Beyond the parking area is a menage and there is further access to four paddock areas with fenced and hedged boundaries with open countryside beyond. ...

Auction Details

Auction House Robinson & Hall
Auction date:
14:30 - 08 Oct 2020
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