149/149(A) Church Road, Manor Park - E12 6AF

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Property Details

McHugh & Co describes this property as:

London Borough of Newham Situated off High Street North, close to local shopping/travelling facilities including Woodgrange Park Rail Station. Freehold Ground Rents amounting to £285 per annum derived from Two Self-Contained Flats each on lease as follows: First Floor Flat - 189 years from 18th October 1985 at a ground rent of £175 per annum rising.  Ground Floor Flat - 99 years from 29th September 1985 at a ground rent of £110 per annum rising. Valuable reversion in approximately 64 years. In accordance with Section 5(B) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, notices have been served on the lessees.  The lessees have not reserved their rights of first refusal. ...

Auction Details

McHugh & Co
Auction date:
08:00 - 10 Jun 2020
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