Old Original Seven Stars 2 Slater Lane, Leyland - PR25 1TL

Guide Price: £125,000 +**

Beds: 1
Type: Detached
Tenure: No data

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Property Details

Venmore Auctions describes this property as:

This is a large two-three storey detached corner property that is currently vacant, but was until recently trading as the Seven Stars Public House. The property itself is in immaculate condition and could re-open and trade as a public house immediately (after lock-down), but the currently owner has also investigated the development potential of the building and sought pre-planning advice with regard demolishing the building and erecting a purpose built block of 4 x ground floor retail units and 5 x one bedroom flats to the upper floors. The pre-planning advice came back favourably with regards this scheme and noted that it would be worthy of a full application. ...

Auction Details

Venmore Auctions
Auction date:
13:00 - 01 Dec 2020
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