What's in an Aucspace Legal Pack Summary?

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The old legal pack process is going, going, gone

Today, every property offered for sale at auction is accompanied by a legal pack which is prepared by the seller’s solicitors. These legal packs are usually available to download from the Auctioneers website prior to the auction. The documentation will generally consist of:

  • Special Conditions of Sale
  • Official Copy of Register of Title (Office Copy Entries) and supporting title documents
  • Conveyancing Searches
  • Leases (if applicable)
  • Other related documents affecting the property, such as fixtures list, property forms and EPC

Legal packs can be confusing and complicated

Auctioneers strongly recommend you inspect the legal packs for the properties you are interested in. But these can often contain 100's of pages of complicated, difficult to understand, documents. So enlisting the costly services of a solicitor to summarise and make sense of them is needed. And constant updates to the pack mean non-stop chasing right up to auction day.

If a bid is successful, the buyer is legally bound to complete the purchase and can be fully responsible for all that matters that may come to light later. If a buyer is not completely happy with the information in the legal pack, the best advice is to make further enquiries and seek specialist advice before making a bid.

What's included in your Aucspace Legal Pack Summary?

Our certified property solicitors review all the documentation associated with every legal pack and bundle it into one easy-to-read Legal Pack Summary. Since it’s written in plain English, you can read it and understand it in minutes, instead of hours.

Your Summary delivers full information on up to 9 sections, including:

  • Management Pack
  • Lease
  • Searches
  • Protocol Forms
  • Transfer Document
  • Special Conditions
  • Title
  • Tenancy Documents
  • Miscellaneous

Each section includes critical information:



All the information you need, condensed from each section, to make sense of the Auction Pack.

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Illustrated laptop showing a sample actions section of the legal pack report


Given the information provided, we suggest actions you may want to take. You should pay particular attention to these areas that require further investigation and how they can be solved before becoming expensive issues or delays.



We provide real-time updates and actions whenever a change is made to a legal pack, right up to auction day. Always available for you in a constantly updated online view, as well as a downloadable personalised document.

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Stop stressing, start bidding.